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Travel Inspiration During Hard Times

Updated: Feb 22

Together, as we navigate this incredibly difficult time in the world we would like to pause and remember that it will get better. We will again be able to spend time with our families and friends, celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and best of all, experience the joy and excitement that travel brings!

The world is truly a magical and diverse place and we want encourage those of you, who haven’t yet made travel a priority in your lifetime to do so! Travel enriches the heart and the mind and is best shared with those we love. We invite you to please follow along as we showcase some of our favorite destinations and also invite you to share yours with us and why they are special.

First up > ST. LUCIA

Located in the eastern Caribbean, south of Martinique and north of the Grenadines - this beautiful island is close to our hearts as we honeymooned here in 2014, after our wedding. This lush volcanic Island is known for its marine rich crystal waters perfect for diving and snorkeling, the volcanic mud baths and most notably the famous Pitons, of which early inhabitants of the island worshiped as gods. Petit Piton was known as Atebyra, representing the god of fertility and food and Gros piton as Yokahu, for the god of fire, thunder and rain.

With so much to see and do we like to call St Lucia the perfect destination for adventurers, young and old!

If you are interested in planning a future vacation to beautiful St Lucia, get in touch and we will get to work on the perfect itinerary for you!

Much love and Travel!

- Jonathan & Angela



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